Is there a debugging with Tomcat 5 and IDEA for dummies post?

I've been searching the forums here and I'm having trouble getting debugging set up with IDEA and Tomcat 5. I don't care about JSP debugging at the moment. I just want to be able to set up break points in servlets etc. The help docs explain it for Tomcat 4 and not Tomcat 5 (which has a very different server.xml). I think I'm most confused on what to set up for the application context. Is it easiest to create my project in a project dir and use Ant to build a war or even explode the app into the tomcat/webapps dir? I'll just shut up now because I'm all confused. I could try to set it up using the JSR 45 approach, like I did for JBoss, but I'd like to take advantage of whatever the Tomcat5 plugin offers. Thanks so much for any hand holding (or even a point to a forum post that I might have missed during my searches).

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in the latest eap you don't have to change any context files or server xml or anything.

Just setup your tomcat instance, setup a tomcat run configuration and just type in what context you want to use. Start the context with a /. it will fill in your browser info.

ignore everything else on the page.



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