Work with existing big project?

I am new to WebStorm, but it looks so useful in various videos out there that I'm trying it out, hoping it's good for more than tiny demo/lesson projects.

I need to create a project that'll fit within an existing ARIA SPA, primarily for look and feel.  I am thinking I need to learn about libraries and initial configuration.

The existing application is based on AngularJS, jQuery, and bootstrap with the Ace template.  Lots of add-on libs are used.  Before the language-specific and minified .js files are included there must be 150-200 unique .js files spread out in the assets folder of the project.

How can I set up WebStorm to help me be productive on a project like this?  My first task is just to build a look-compatible sister app, so I don't necessarily need the whole kit and kaboodle.  If someone knows the best path to getting angular and ace/bootstrap involved, that'd be a good start.


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It will work fine for huge projects.

How can I set up WebStorm to help me be productive on a project like this?

Just start using it, you'll soon see how useful it becomes.

If its not obvious right away, some of the things that I find make me more productive are:
* it checks for errors before I upload and warns me so i dont upload code with errors
* turn on the automatic uploads so you never have to save again and never have to upload again. (saves a couple of sec's here and there, but 'save then upload' cumulatively takes up a lot of time.)

You'll find more too.  When you think you know everything, check the "Productivity Guide" under Help for all the stuff you haven't found yet.

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