Don't shows button for resolve conflicts

Windows 7, phpstorm7, project files on mount drive, manage git via ssh.
After merge/pull/rebase almost always need to very long (15-30+ mins) wait for appears this menu item.
Not backgroung task, just standby.

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Project files on the mount drive is not recommended configuration. Do you have a chance to try and put your project to the local drive?
Also pelase try File | Invalidate caches.
And latest EAP is pretty good too:

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Thanks for attention!

Yes, i known mount-drive very slow. But such is development-infrastructure.
Production and sandbox stends very intricate architecture: php 5.2 + php 5.4, apache, nginx, sphinx, memcache, mongodb, mysql, etc and over 50+ gb of data.
Too difficult configure !and support! local stends (even if VM) for all developers.

Developers not have directly access to git-origin repository.
Only access to «local» git-repo on sandbox server.

On development-PC used mount-drive to sandbox www-dir.
All changes in code instantly reflected in the sandbox without commit.

Commits/push/pull/etc to origin possible only from sandbox server (via ssh).
Development-PC does not see origin repo, it does not permit use local repo.

If make copy project files to local be lost acces to origin git-repo.
After even branch-change (5-10 per day) on sandbox server have forced re-download from sandbox repo. It very long operation, even via sftp approximately 7-10 min, in total 35-100 min idle per day.


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