Bad support for externally managed j2ee apps

The j2ee stuff in IDEA does not play nice at all with projects that have existing descriptors and apps.

For example, my app already has an application.xml, the modules in it do not contain an id=module.iml attribute. However, when I create a j2ee app in IDEA to use this file, it routinely clobbers all the modules listed in it.

It should be possible to point at an existing app.xml file, and IDEA should just ignore all the module management stuff if it realises that it wasn't created by it (ie, no iml value id attributes in the modules).

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I have had the same issue.. The configuration files (application, web, ejb etc.,) are all messed up and the existing J2EE app will break.

Please provide an option to work with external apps without making configuration changes, So we can still benefit from Idea's functionalities.


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