invalid descendant file name

IDE: PHPStorm 7.0
OS: Windows 7 Pro

I am attempting to build a project that connects via SFTP to a linux server.

Test Connections works ok, PHPStorm can see the linux file structure on the server.

However, when it gets to the screen where you select the root folder, I get the error

Invalid Descendant File Name:  c:\Windows\Temp

The docs ( talk about a compatibility mode to correct this under advanced options. However, SFTP does not have that as an option under advanced options.

Where do I change the c:\windows\temp setting to make the connection happy?

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Hi there,

You have got it wrong.

The error message most likely (like 99.9999%) means that somehow you have got a file on your SFTP server with that name (c:\Windows\Temp) -- yes, a file with such name (which is a valid name on Linux).

The FTP library used by PhpStorm is unable to process such files and aborts with such exception.

The solution is to use another SFTP client (if it's remote .. otherwise access it directly/differently) and delete that file.

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You were right.



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