Can PhpStorm recognize custom Smarty tags?

I use Smarty extensively and one of the reasons that I selected PhpStorm as my IDE is that it actually supports Smarty templates and custom Smarty delimiters (I use {{ and }}).

I create a lot of custom Smarty tags.
Is there any way to inform PhpStorm of these tags so that the syntax highlighter colors them properly?

Even better would be if the syntax highlighter understood that they were custom and applied a different color.


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Custom tags won't be recognised as tags, e.g. {t} {/t} will be recognised as  { IDENTIFIER } { /IDENTIFIER } and {section} {/section} as {KEYWORD} {/KEYWORD}.

Could you describe the feature request to highlight custom tags more detailed in our tracking system YouTrack: ?

See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

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Thanks for the response.
I have submitted a feature request (


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