Is it possible to show the content of a data set when running phpunit tests.

At the moment phpstorm gives me the very informative information that the test failed with data set #3. I would like to know what was the content of that dataset. If I run phpunit on the command line I get the content of the dataset after that very descriptive error message. Is this possible to do in phpStorm?

I would like phpStorm to say:

  • <function_name> with data set #0 (param1, param2, param3)

This would make it far more useful and also make it possible to make a test framework which uses generic dataproviders to build more specific dataproviders.

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For now this is not possible, feel free to describe the feature request more detailed in our tracking system YouTrack:
You will be able to receive the answer directly from our developers while other PhpStorm users will be able to write their opinion of your proposal.

See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

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