Mocha Node CLI Parameters

Hey all,

Just noticed that there's now built-in Mocha support into WebStorm, which is fantastic. Went in to try it out on a sample small project and got it to work, but on my other project I noticed I'm missing the ability to identify command line parameters for node. I need this to turn on Harmony options for the v8 engine.

Traditionally I run mocha via CLI. Both of the following commands work:

  • ./node_modules/.bin/mocha --harmony-generators
  • node --harmony-generators ./node_modules/.bin/mocha

I'm currently using node version v0.11.8. I noticed that WebStorm is wrapping the parameters that are getting passed to mocha, which is understandable. But is there at least a way to pass parameters to node?

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Yeah I figured. Good to see a request has been filed, thanks for pointing that out. I went ahead and voted it up.


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