Lost shelved changes after moving machine

Can someone explain where shelved changes reside and if it has any relation to the source control you are using. I had some shelved before backing up my data and thought they would either be in GIT or the .idea folder. I backed up my entire projects folder contianing both of these and now I don't have the shelved changes tab.

Does WebStorm save them outside of the project? In the user's account folder or something weird. Or do I still have the changes but WebStorm just can't see them?

Thanks for any help.


Hi there,

AFAIK shelved changes are stored together with IDE-wide settings and not on per-project level (.idea subfolder).

Please check these threads:


Not sure what the point of that is? Can you move shelved changes between projects or something? Anyways, guess I've lost that work. My fault for making assumptions I guess.

Thanks for the help


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