Any holidays sale coming up soon?


I've just hit the end of my trial and I noticed every year there's tons of neat sales.

There was one sale at this time of the year in 2010 and a few more for stuff like Mayan's calendar, etc.

I was wondering if any cool sales were coming up before I make the purchase?

I know that sounds like a greedy question but that's just because I bought a 250$ Unity component that went on a 50$ sale a week after which made me cringe really hard hehe :)

If I get no response, I'll simply proceed with the purchase as JetBrains' IDEs are the best I ever used.

(I used PHPStorm for 2 years where I worked before and now that I'm starting my own small business I'm looking to purchase it for myself!)

Thanks a lot and keep up the amazing work!

- Tom


Hi there,

JetBrains does not advertise any of the upcoming sale offers. Usually it's like "we have product XXX on sale for half (or whatever) price for next 2-3-x days" blog post out of nowhere. And AFAIK it's for full new license, not upgrades. You can check their blog for previous sale offers (dates) to possibly get the idea of when it may happen this/next year.



I'm talking about a full product purchase, not an upgrade which is why I was interested in a sale :p

I'll check out the blog, just in case hehe



Fingers crossed for the end of the world - again :)


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