Lack of class casting leads to inspection message. How to avoid (in code)?

Hi @ all,

my code is calling a method, which is hidden by downcasting. This works well with PHP, would not work in strong casting languages like C++, and produces a message by the PhpStorm Inspector. Since there is no explicit object casting in PHP, what is the best practice for this kind of code? Just using /** @noinspection PhpUndefinedMethodInspection */ ?  Or did I miss any kind of casting?

A (very simple and untested) example code is here:

class Car {
   public function speedUp() {;}

class Hybrid extends Car {
   public function startFuelMode() {;}

function moveCar(Car $car) { //downcast to have a general method
   if ($car instanceof Hybrid) {
      $car->startFuelMode(); // PhpStorm Inspector -> Method 'startFuelMode' not found in class

$myHybrid = new Hybrid();
moveCar($myHybrid); // $myHybrid is downcasted to Car

One solution in C++ (with PHP syntax) would be:

      //$car->startFuelMode(); // PhpStorm Inspector -> Method 'startFuelMode' not found in class

Any comments are appreciated.

I use PhpStorm 6.0.3


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Hi there,

Please try v7 -- it shows no warning there using your sample code. v7 has some improvements made when handling such construction ( if ($VAR instanceof SOME_CLASS) { ... )


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