Please help setting up a datasource to SQL Server!

I am trying to create a CMP entity bean using IntelliJ but am running into a myriad of problems. I am using the Weblogic Server tab of the "Edit entity bean" property sheet and am having no luck with the Manage Datasources functionality. I am specifically trying to connect to a SQL Server 2000 desktop edition on Windows XP. When I try creating a datasource using the SQL Server driver that ships with WEblogic 8.1 (inside weblogic.jar), the "Test Connection" button tells me I have connected OK, but then I cannot get anything to appear in the "database tables" select box. When I try to use the newer driver that ships with weblogic 8.1 (inside wlsqlserver.jar), the Data Sources Property sheet does not even seem to recognize that there is a driver inside the JAR file.

Please help me! I dont want to edit these deployment descriptors by hand!

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