What's an editor vs document vs virtualfile?

I'm new to plugin development and all these concepts are foreign to me.  Where can I learn the differences between an editor vs document vs virtualfile?

What I want to do is "open" a file as if you were to choose it in the "search by class name" dialog, but I'm not sure which class to start with.  Is there a tutorial that explains these fundemental concepts?

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Thanks for the help, I'm going to read through this, but I already noticed an issue.  It says this:


Sample plugin projects that illustrate how to work with virtual files are available in the <%IDEA project directory%>/community/samples/vfs and <%IDEA project directory%>/community/samples/textEditor directories.

But I can't find any relevant directory named "community" or "samples".  Where should I look for that?  I have the idea source checked out and I looked in there.

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Please look for /samples/ folder in root of checked out IntelliJ Community sources. Some sample

The mentioned "textEditor" sample has indeed been removed. Please feel free to ask specific questions.


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