Autocomplete for "class " doesn't work in PHPStorm when I change dependencies

I found another weird problem, and I'm really lost with this one:
I have a codecompletion contributor which is adding autocomplete for class names:

When I use this dependencies in my plugin.xml


Everything works as expected

But when I add this dependency:


The completion contributor is not fired anymore (when using Ctrl+Space after the "class " word, but is working in all the other situations, even after the "extends " word...).

Please could you help me to solve this? why my completion contributor is not executed when I have the com.jetbrains.php dependency? (maybe it has its own completion contributor and is stopping it before mine is executed?)
Also, the com.jetbrains.php dependency is the cause for the weird sorting in autocomplete list:

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Please I need help with this, I can't upload the new update because if I add the new features (I need for them), then the code completion for the class name doesn't work anymore.

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Someone seems to call com.intellij.codeInsight.completion.CompletionResultSet#stopHere, there are plenty of PHP completion contributors doing so. Please try adding order="first" to your completion contributor extension declaration in plugin.xml.

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Yes I found that yesterday debugging the code, and I've solved it using order="first" ;)


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