PHPStorm testing and/or debugging


I'm using PHPStorm 7, and all my projects are running really smoothly with this amazing IDE :)

But, I will like to know if exist any way (without using Unit testing ) when testing the code, if we can inject code but just for debug propose.

The idea, is when running debug, I inject for example one line of code that change one variable content, but this line are linked to my local IDE, and will not be consider for commit to production environment.

Like that avoid in big projects let code commented, etc....

Hope that make my idea clear.... :)

thanks in advance for sharing everyone opinions

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Hi all,

I will try change the question, to be easy understandable.

It is possible to add code that just meant to be used in localhost, code that will be not deployed or committed?

For example init variables at the begining program execution.



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