Offshore Outsourcing Software In India

The foremost priority for any Outsourcing company is to set an offshore center which has the best of technology and talented manpower to execute software development. In this context, India has established its hold on Offshore Software Outsourcing along with Russia and China. But she has countries like Philippines eyeing for competition in offshore outsourcing. It is proposed that the competition is due to rise in English speaking community in Philippines. What can be the other reasons for stringent competition and how can India reach the number one slot in Offshore Software Development?

outsourcing software development india

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Given the forum the question is placed in, I highly doubt if the person who placed this question/quote is able to understand the requirements from an onshore company.

This is not a place for advertising, nor is this the correct forum to ask these kinds of questions, so please don't do this again.

Maybe the admin of this forum can close this thread, or maybe even better delete it.


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