Proper use of backspace to erase tab instead of space

I don't understand the behaviour of phpStorm on using tabs. I've configured my editor to use real tabs (not spaces) and when I hit tab and press backspace it will just pretend that the tab was spaces and remove one carret instead of the whole tab.

Why this behaviour? Is there any way to configure the app to remove tabs when pressing backspace?

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This is the one thing that's always bothered me, even to the extent to switch editors. They've thought of everything, and are so in-depth with their tools, yet they overlook the very most basic of editing elements.

JetBrains: We want to be able to hit the Backspace/Delete button and remove a tab. This is natural, we don't want to hit Shift+Tab to remove it, or at least- have the option to assign the modifier key to accomplish this.



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