PhpStorm 7 : slow code completion for ExtJs

Hello everybody,

I'm new in PhpStorm and Extjs (I'm from C# and Visual Studio).
I'm having problem with the code completion only for ExtJs. When I write "Ext." in a js file, the code suggestion appears after 5sec.
I don't have this problem in php.

I thought it was because phpstorm was searching online but when I add the file "ext-all-debug-w-comment.js" in Javascript>Libraries, there are no changes.

Am I wrong ?

Thanks in advance !


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do you have ext-all-debug-w-comment.js and other ExtJS files in your project directory? Are there any huge json/minified js files there?

please provide performance snapshot per instructions in

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Hello Elena and thank you for your response!

Indeed, I have created the new architecture of the app thanks to Sencha cmd and there are a lot of js files minified with all the src. When I delete all the minified files, the code completion is faster.
All I need now is to see which files I can delete.


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Instead of deleting you could right click on it in project View and "Mark as plain text" -- such file will be in the project but content will not be indexed in any way (treated as plain text)


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