Live Edit not working PhpStorm 7

I am getting very confused and irritated with Live Edit. The plugin seems to suggest that "Since version 0.5 LiveEdit works as part of JavaScript debug session only." What does that even mean? I used to be able to work on a Wordpress theme and have Live Edit work. Now, if I follow the [poor] documenation and set up a Javascript Debugger I can't run a different URL to my working directory, only run off specific files? Perhaps (and hopfeully) I am missing something very obvious but I don't see why this plugin can't just reload the browser on a given URL when the project files change. I have set up deployment paths, added project mappings, [re]installed the JB plugin, checked Chrome is being recognised by PhpStorm, and I still get no "Debugging" bar in Chrome as I used to.

- So, does Live Edit now only work with static files via the Debugger nonsense?
- If not then has anyone got it working in a project where the server location is not the project location (e.g. Wordpress theme development)?
- If it has actually all gone to hell, and I haven't missed the magic button that makes life good again, then which 3rd party reload tool plays nice with JetBrains given the way files are saved?

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Not cross-platform but LiveReload seems to play nice with PhpStorm. Though you usually have to manually File > Save All to get it to refresh. Still less keystrokes than the browser reload loop.


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