Live Edit crash in Chrome

First, sorry for my english.

After making few changes in a css file on a Symfony2 project, the chrome tab crash ("he-s-dead-jim" like).

PhpStorm (7.0 stable) can't connect Chrome (v31) anymore. I have to quit totaly quit Chrome because the port is unavailable.

I desactived all other chrome plugins and I don't open Chrome console.

IN ["Debugger","sendCommand",[103,{"method":"CSS.setStyleSheetText","params":{"styleSheetId":"2","text":"* {\n    font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;\n    font-size: 11px;\n}\n\nbody {\n    margin-left: 110px;\n}\n\n.downpic {\n    position: relative;\n    top: 0.3em;\n}\n\ntd {\n    border-left: 1px white solid;\n    padding-left: 2px;\n    padding-right: 2px;\n}\n\nh1 {\n    background-color: #DFDFDF;\n    font-size: 200%;\n    margin-bottom: 10px;\n    margin-top: 10px;\n}\n\n.notification {\n    border: 1px #99694C solid;\n    background-color: #FFAE80;\n    width: 500px;\n}\n\nform {\n    margin-top: 20px;\n}\n\nform div {\n    width: 500px;\n}\n\nform ul {\n    float: right;\n    width: 200px;\n    border: 1px #99694C solid;\n    background-color: #FFAE80;\n}\n\nform label {\n    margin-right: 1em;\n}\n\n#content {\n    padding-top: 20px;\n    padding-left: 20px;\n}\n\n#contenttitle {\n    width: 100%;\n    background: black;\n    color: white;\n    font-size: 200%;\n    vertical-align: middle;\n    text-align: center;\n    height: 25px;\n    padding-top: 25px;\n    padding-bottom: 25px;\n}\n\n#contenttitle img {\n    vertical-align: bottom;\n}\n\n#sidebar {\n    position: fixed;\n    width: 110px;\n    top: 0;\n    left: 0;\n    height: 300px;\n}\n\n#sidebartitle {\n    font-size: 200%;\n    vertical-align: middle;\n    text-align: center;\n    height: 25px;\n    margin-top: 25px;\n    margin-bottom: 25px;\n}\n\n#sidebartitle a {\n    font-size: 100%;\n    color: black;\n}\n\n#sidebarlinks {\n    font-size: 150%;\n    background: black;\n    padding: 7px 0;\n}\n\n#sidebarlinks a {\n    color: white;\n    text-decoration: none;\n}\n\n#sidebarlinks a:hover {\n    color: white;\n    text-decoration: none;\n    font-weight: bold;\n}\n\n#sidebarlinks li {\n    line-height: 19px;\n}\n\n#form_requete {\n    width: 490px;\n    height: 100px;\n}\n\n.ilb {\n    display: -moz-inline-stack;\n    display: inline-block;\n    zoom: 1; /* pour IE */\n    *display: inline; /* pour IE */\n}\n\nth {\n    font-weight: bold;\n    background-color: #D1DBBD;\n    padding-left: 5px;\n    padding-right: 5px;\n}\n\ntd {\n    background-color: #FCFFF5;\n    border: 1px solid #D1DBBD;\n}\n\n/* explorateur */\n.fileexplorer li {\n    padding-left: 20px;\n    height: 16px;\n    background: url(../images/document_empty.png) no-repeat 0 -0.08em;\n    width: 16px;\n}\n\nul .filetxt {\n    background-image: url(../images/file_extension_txt.png);\n}\n\nul .filexls {\n    background-image: url(../images/file_extension_xls.png);\n}\n\nul .filerepertoire {\n    background-image: url(../images/folder.png);\n}\n\n/* utilisateur */\n#users_liste {\n    width: 900px;\n}\n\n#user_organisations {\n    overflow: auto;\n}\n\n#user_organisations ul {\n    float: none;\n    width: auto;\n    border: 0 transparent;\n    background-color: transparent;\n    margin-left: 2em;\n}\n\n#user_organisations ul li {\n    float: left;\n    margin-right: 2em;\n    min-width: 190px;\n}\n\n/* parametres contacts */\n.params_contacts label {\n    width: 20em;\n    display: block;\n}\n\n.params_contacts textarea, .params_contacts input[name] {\n    width: 20em;\n    margin-left: 0.5em;\n}\n\n.params_contacts textarea {\n    height: 5em;\n}\n\n.params_contacts + .tips {\n    position: fixed;\n    top: 12em;\n    left: 35em;\n}"},"id":193}]]
DC CSS.setStyleSheetText
EV 103 CSS.styleSheetChanged
tab detached 103, reason target_closed, dom exists and externalUsed true

Am i doing something wrong ?

Thanks in advance
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can you provide some steps that lead to the crash plus a css you were editing?
Some tickets that may be related:

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Sorry, it's very random.
I can't have steps to reproduce ...

It's more like but I don't use Jade and Stylus.


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