ANN: Quest's JProbe Profiler Freeware

Hi all,

I would like to make announcement on behalf of the company for which I work:

Quest's JProbe Profiler Freeware is a special version of the industry
award winning Profiler included in JProbe Suite.

JProbe Profiler helps developers quickly diagnose performance
bottlenecks in Java code. Integrating JProbe Profiler with your IntelliJ
IDE and your application server environment provides you with a powerful
set of tools to make your job of creating high performing Java
applications easier. You can get your freeware version of JProbe
Profiler at <>.


P.S. I cannot provide support for JProbe Profiler, please see the
support information on the Profiler Freeware page.

Gordon Tyler (Software Developer)
Quest Software <>
260 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario M5A 4L5, Canada
Voice: 416-643-4846 | Fax: 416-594-1919

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