Any good books written on IDEA?

Wondering if there are any good books written on the product? I've been reading an Eclipse book and is very informative.

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There are currently no books written on IDEA, however a while back one of the JetBrains people was leading a community book effort which would involve advanced IDEA users in this community helping JetBrains to write a book on IDEA. I haven't heard anything about this initiative in a while though. :(

It's not unusual for there to be no books on a commercial product. You have to remember that Eclipse is an open-source platform and therefore books and literary efforts are supported by the community, thus you will find a lot of people writing them.

With a commercial product such as IDEA unfortunately the rules are very different, books for commercial products are generally commissioned by the company owning the product and to this point none has been commissioned by JetBrains. You have to remember that apart from being a great help to users, books are also a great marketing tool for a product as it puts the product on the map in different places you would not normally see it (bookstores, libraries, etc).

The community book is STILL a great idea for IDEA :) I hope that they are intending to follow it through as I know they would have at least 2 buyers hot off the shelves (you and me, lol)!!


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