Installing PHPUnit

I am on a Windows platform and my PHP is version 5.5.3. I tried to install the PHPUnit and I get:

C:\xampp\php>pear install

Attempting to discover channel ""...

downloading channel.xml ...

Starting to download channel.xml (804 bytes)

....done: 804 bytes

Auto-discovered channel "", alias "phpunit", adding to registry

No releases available for package ""

install failed

Any tips on installing PHPUnit on a Windows platform?

Thank you.


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Hi there,

Please try

pear clear-cache

pear update-channels

If no changes --  "pear config-show" and make sure that all important folders do exist (and your user have enough access rights), especially "PEAR Installer cache directory" -- cache_dir

Alternatively just use PHAR or composer version -- PhpStorm can use them as well.

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Thank you. Those two comand lines worked great.


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