How can I get css files transpiled from scss files saved into a separate directory?

The documentation would have you believe this is a fairly simple process, and since I can't seem to find many others on these forums banging their heads against their desks as I have, perhaps it is in fact very simple and I am simply overlooking something obvious.

I would like to have the .scss files in my scss folder transpiled into .css files in my css folder. Nothing I seem to put into the Output paths field seems to work. The scss folder and the css folder are at the same level. So you'd think that putting in ../css would work if the Working directory is the default, $FileDir$. I've tried using colons instead of slashes (as per the docs), I've tried back slashes and forward slashes, I've tried updating the settings and restarting WebStorm. I've tried a good number of different approaches in an attempt to get this to work because it would be so frickin' lovely.

The documentation would have me use the browse button to select my target directory, but there is no browse button.

If anyone has any insight into this problem, or requires further clarification about how I'm going about this, please let me know.

Any help is always appreciated.




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