Javascript Debugging broke with 7.0.2 update (mac 10.9, chrome)

Anyone else having issues with javascript debugging on mac with chrome since updating to 7.0.2?

Now it hangs and I get this in the console: GEThttp://localhost:63342/FDFA6052-1C12-4655-B658-0DBF2414422D/48/aHR0cDovL2x…S9qcy9tb2JpbGUtc2l0ZS1jdXN0b20tanFtLWRlZmF1bHRzLmpzP189MTM4NDM2MzYwOTExNA== 404 (Not Found) aHR0cDovL2xvY2FsaG9zdDo2MzM0Mi9qcXVlcnktbW9iaWxlL21vYmlsZS9qcy9tb2JpbGUtc2l0ZS1jdXN0b20tanFtLWRlZmF1bHRzLmpzP189MTM4NDM2MzYwOTExNA==

Mac OS X 10.9
Chrome 31.0.1650.48

Worked fine just before I ran the update.
I have also tried restarting, changing the port on the debugger and the javascript debug config.

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do you see these messages when loading external scripts? Please see - does it look similar?

Best regards,

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Thanks! Seems very similar, the workaround did not help me, but at least I'm in the thread over there now. :)


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