PHPStorm debugging remote host trough mount drive

I already set my project in PHPStorm 7, xdebug is working and debugging perfectly.
But I realise that when debugging is using the php version install in my local (wamp) and not the one I would like, that is in remote host configuration php version.

I create the project with this steps:

  • 'Create New Project from Existing Files'
  • 'Web server is on remote host, files are accessible via network share or mounted drive'

In project window, in 'External Library':
So, the IDE is getting only from my local (windows) the Interpreter (from my Wamp), so my question is, how can I tell the IDE that should get the interpreter from host server. I try to set it '/usr/share/pear' or '/usr/bin/php' but where I should do it?!! because IDE just know about the mounted drive content (project files).

Hope someone can give some tips, or ask if any info is missing, please
thanks in advance

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Hi there,

These settings are for executing/debugging LOCAL php scripts (running locally, in CLI mode).

When executing them remotely you do not need to set it up, as all remote execution is done via Web Interface.

how can I tell the IDE that should get the interpreter from host server.

You cannot -- this is not (yet) supported.

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thanks Andriy for your fast and good valid source information.

Indeed you have right, but in my case (before I miss to indicate that) is that I'm using as 'Run/debug Configurations' the configuration for 'PHP script' to run some php scripts (that will execute as crons from the system).
So, not sure yet the reason that it don't find lib's like SoapClient, that when it run correctly in PHP Web Application.
Its the reason that I suppose that when i configure to execute a file as 'PHP script' it takes my wamp configuration.

I confirm that when set all project as 'PHP Web Application' it works perfectly with remote host conf.
Is just when I set to run a index_script php file 'PHP script' that don't charge libs from remote host, for ej: when I try to extend SoapClient... it fail to find this file.
hope it can help better to track this issue.
thanks in advance

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Not 100% sure that I understood your situation, but ...

1) Create some simple php script and run it via web interface:

<?php phpinfo();

2) Either execute "php -i" without quotes, obviously where you run it in CLI mode .. or run the above script in CLI mode.

Now compare "Loaded Configuration File" field from first (top) table. Quite likely you will have different php.ini files used, hence different include paths / loaded libraries etc.

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I see your point, and again is valid is working, but is is web interface.

So, i will explain as simple as possible. When linux host execute for example a cron file, the system can execute a single file (example: cron_script.php), so in this case is not trough web interface.
How can I debug this file? Also supposing that that it don't have access trough web interface.

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Thanks Andriy!!!! :)


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