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Hi All,

In most cases where I haven't liked the defaults I've been able to find ways to change them, but I've missed one that is very simple and very important to my habit in using the keyboard.

When the cursor is at the begining of  a row (character 1 of row X), and I press the left arrow, I expect it to position itself at the end of the last character in row X-1

But in Webstorm it doesn't do this by default.

There must be a setting for this, but I can't find it.

Can anyone either tell me the setting or tell me the heuristic that I'm missing to do this simple thing, just for my piece of mind?

if it's just some emacs key combination to do the same thing, I'm happy to get comfortable with it, I'd rather learn the default than customise and have to recustomize later, but I just want a simple interaction to follow that's not appearing to me.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi there,

But in Webstorm it doesn't do this by default.

Sorry for asking such a stupid question (unfortunately I cannot find an answer for this (obvious for me) detail in your post) ... but what it actually does instead? I see what you want it to do .. but what Arrow-Left do at the moment?


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