Converting from JBuilder

I have fallen in love with Intellij.. I have used Eclipse in the past for its refactoring functionality, but have never switched due to the lack of a bug-free gui designer. All my gui's are currently done in JBuilder, and I would love to switch to Intellji with my previous baselines as well, as new projects.

Is there a way to import a JBuilder project in order to use the Intellji GUI Designer?

I still plan to use Intellji for all new projects, but would love to use it for some of the legacy apps.

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I don't know much about JBuilder's UI designer, but IDEA's uses a sort of proprietary layout format, so it probably wouldn't generate compatible code to your JBuilder generated code. And no, I don't know of any JBuilder import tool, but a plugin or some other tool could probably do it.

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The Answer is NO, nothing exists to port your Jbuilder code to IDEA.
I use JBuilder for GUI designing and for the Rest of coding is use IDEA.
The GuiBuilder from JBuilder is the best ever, I don't like the Gui Designer
IDEA, as in early development, i also wished that the Gui Designer of IDEA
is like the one of JBuilder, but it is not. The way Gui's are generated in
is not clear for me, in JBuilder if you switch from Desigenr to code
you probably see the changes, in IDEA you see nothing, cause you can't
to code view. I also prefer the GridBagLayout of Java instead of XXXLayout
(don't know the name) of IDEA. The Gui Designer of IDEA should not
be the point of your decision to switch to IDEA, cause it is not usable.

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I think it's wrong to say it's not usable, I've used it in several projects and it's only worked great. Also, there is a "code view," just turn on "Generate Source Code" in UI Designer Settings.

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I had used JBuilder for gui, but now i turned to IDEA. You should first understand the idea behind the IDEA gui builder. Then you'll find it's more productive than its competitors, even though you should bind event handlers by yourself.

By default, IDEA can inject byte code to generated .class files directly to avoid the generated layout souce codes bothering you. But if you like, you can turn on the generate gui source option to view the generated source code. they are updated every time you build your project. For new comers of IDEA gui builder, i advice them to do so for better understanding of what IDEA does.

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But waht is if LayoutManager's does IDEA uses Java Standard Layout Manager,
like GridBagLayout?


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