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Well its quite easy, midilets are not really so different to any other. The question really is what sort of device you want to build them on and whether you intend to use device specific features, such as windowing interface, or access device specific features. If you simply want to build and test limited J2ME applications, there is a reasonably decent plugin you can install of IDEA 3.0+, which will build your JADs and deploy them to the virtual mobile device otherwise its still possible only you have to use the default sun j2me environment.

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Phil wrote:

How can I start developing J2ME applications with IDEA?

There is a plugin available that takes some of the pain out of setting
up a compile/debug environment. (For IDEA 3 & 4, I think).
The one for IDEA 4 isn't quite finished, though, but looks very promising.

An alternative might be to use a combination of the WTK and IDEA. I have
never been a big fan of the WTK (can't really see the point, actually),
so I don't use it.

The procedure I use for J2ME development is a combination of IDEA with
an Ant script. Like this:

- Define a 'J2ME' jdk configuration:
Start by creating a new, normal JDK configuration. Remove all the
auto-detected jar's / zips (the 'Classpath' panel). Add the
midp.zip/classes.zip (one of these - depends on the version of the WTK
you are using), and any extension classes you might use (for example, I
use some Nokia MIDP gui-extensions).
Probably useful to add the MIDP API documentation as well. (Remember to
remove the normal JDK docs)

- Download the antenna classes from http://antenna.sourceforge.net. Copy
the jar to the IDEA lib directory, and add it to your project as well.

- Create an ant script using the antenna tasks. I usually have a
build/preverify, jar (which also updates the jad file), and a debug
task: That last one launches the emulator in debug mode. I then attach
the IDEA debugger to the emulator (using a 'remote debug' configuration).

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's not quite that bad. This works
quite comfortably.

Hope this helps!



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