Live edit for on iis?

I am using webstorm and the chrome plugin.
i have been able to get live edit working with static local files, but when I point it to my .net site I still need to manually refresh after changes. Is it possible to have live edit work for a .net site?

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there are no any IIS-specific instructions. To be able to debug your code running  on .NET server/use Live Edit you have to use JavaScript debug run configuration  with the properly configured mappings between the local files and the  server URL

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Thank you Elena,
I am trying to make this work. I open "edit configurations" enter the url, and give it a name. After clicking "ok" I click the debug symbol in webstorm. Chrome shows "jetbrains ide support is debugging this tab".
I make changes to my html in webstorm. Nothing happens in the browser. I need to refresh to see my changes. Am I missing some step? thank you.


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