Q about Typescript reference paths and External Libraries in Webstorm 7.0.1

New to Webstorm, experienced with Typescript.

I have a reference path to qQuery.d.ts in my Typescript file:

/// <reference path="jquery.d.ts" />

I've also downloaded the library jquery-DefinitelyTyped so that it appears in the "External Libraries" section of my project.    The .D.TS file has been downloaded to D:\home\josh\.WebStorm7\system\extLibs\http_github.com_borisyankov_DefinitelyTyped_raw_master_jquery_jquery.d.ts.

This seems a bit of a mouthful to include in my reference path!  I want to keep the reference path short, and include the .d.ts file in my project.  
How do I do this?  Do I have to manually copy and rename the .d.ts file?  I'm hoping there's a simpler way to refer to .D.TS files stored in external libraries from Typescript files within a project.

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yes - you need to rename it to jquery.d.ts and put next to your Typescript file to get reference paths resolved.


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