Multi module project is compiling fine, but import errors showing up in classes?

I'm new to IDEA and I've set up a Project that is comprised of several java modules and one web module. I can compile the entire project and I receive no errors, yet certain java files that I open in the web module are showing up with red underlines and I some of the imports - imports to classes that are in some other modules that I did include in the dependency section for the web module.

I'm sure it's something stupid that I'm doing wrong. This project has been a beast to set up since it's built on a ton of modules that Maven pieces together (so I have to go through all these maven project files to figure out the classpaths and dependencies of the modules. pain to set up in any IDE).

Thanks for any pointers.

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nevermind, I figured it out by playing around with what I highlight as a src folder for the module. I'll have to read the help file more on that paths interface for each module. It's a bit confusing how that all works with folders that are highlighted blue, vs yellow. The interface for selecting and unselecting is a bit awkward also. None the less after a bunch of clicking around I have things working... although I'm sure I have tons of stuff compiling that doesn't really need to be.


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