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I have a problem working with PhpStorm. In my office we work with php projects stored on an internal server; sometimes it happens that we work, in different times, on the same project from different PCs.

If my collegue opens the project and configure the mapping for the upload, when I re-open the project on my PC, mapping settings are lost. This happens every time somebody open the project from a different PC and configure the mapping.

Is there a way to avoid to re-configure the mappings after a collegue open your same project?


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Hi there,

You need to sync your Deployment entries (on Windows 7 for PhpStorm v7 it is stored in C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde70\config\options\webServers.xml file) across all computers that will work with this project (not necessarilly ALL entries -- but at very list the one for this project).

You can read a bit more about how it works right now and why its happening here:

Main ticket to watch after:


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