WebStorm Initial Configuration Script Path

As I was running WebStorm for the first time on a computer, I got the "WebStorm Initial Configuration" dialog. I left the "Enable opening files and projects from the command line" checkbox checked and left the default "/usr/local/bin/wstorm" in the "Script path" textbox. When I click "OK" I get a prompt for a password. I do not use sudo with my Linux installation, but the configuration tool seems to assume that all users will. If I enter my root password, it responds "Sorry, try again." If I enter my users password, I get "username is not in the sudors file. This incident will be reported."

Is there a way to indicate to the configuration tool that I would like to use my root user?

Should I request a new feature to allow the use of the system root instead of a sudo user?


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I just noticed the same thing happens in the new version of Pycharm(3.0.1) as well. The WebStorm version is 7.0.1.


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