why only one upload server shown for work project

I configured 2 upload servers in phpstorm, one for apache web server, another is for backup.

It used to work very well, two servers option could appear when I click "upload to".

But now it only shown one upload server (the default one for web server), the backup server option doesn't appear any more;

When I create a new test project, the two servers can still be shown.

See screen shot.

How to make both servers appear in options?

More info:

When I tick "automatic upload", it appears two servers as option, see the screen shot.

Finally, after clicking here and there, the backup server appears for NO REASON

why only one upload server shown for work project.png
two servers appear when ticking auto upload.png
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Hi there,

(most likely)
Please make sure that it has all fields on Mappings tab properly filled (only Connection tab is shared between projects -- Mappings and other tabs are per project).

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yes, I did.

As you said in the screen shot, the backup server is available for test project.

I double checked, the mapping has been configured.

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Without seeing screenshots of those deployment servers (both Connection and Mappings tabs; private data can be blurred; I'm thinking maybe some fields are filled wrong/differently) I may only suggest to:

  1. backup and delete your project settings (.idea subfolder) and try to configure project from scratch
  2. try playing with "mark as default" button for both of them (it may trigger/refresh some broken switch or something)
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it works now, just as you said "playing with "mark as default" button for both o them";

Thanks a lot


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