A prize for the better plugins?

These days I am using with great satisfaction the "property editor" plugin by Dmitry Kashin (who is also very rapid at developing new features and closing bugs), and I realized that a commercial IDE should in some way reward plugin authors. Eclipse users write a lot of plugins for it because it's free: IDEA is not, and it would seem fair providing at least some sort of "prize" (e.g for the 5 or 10 best plugins). Wouldn't it be reasonable?

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That's a very good idea indeed. People will have greater motivation to write good plugins which considerably attribute to a good IDE.

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Rather than token prizes for the elite few best plugins, how about Intellij allocating a portion of their revenues to be distributed to plugin writers based on, say, on usage?

Everybody and their brothers are writing Eclipse plugins; I think Intellij needs the same to happen for IDEA.

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Why not paying for a plugin, why should Jetbrains people pay for Plugin
Plugin Writers should sell there usefull plugins if someone needs it. If not
then make it free.

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I doubt anyone would pay for "properties editor plugin", but I personally find it a very valuable addition to IDEA: more than that, I think it answers a need that in IDEA was missing (and which I had filed a feature request for). So, since in this case the plugin writer has added a useful funcionality that IDEA was missing, I believe he should be rewarded for that. Since of course IDEA couldn't pay every plugin author, I believe that there should at least be some level of incentive, and something such as a "monthly plugin prize" could be helpful.

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The incentive is, if your plugin is usefull, maybe it becomes a part of the
and than there should be a honor for the Plugin Writer.
If Borland pays every week for the best plugin, they can give all there
money to
Plugin Writers, cause there are so many plugins for JBuilder.
In future it will be so for IDEA. Plugins are written, cause functions are
so Jetbrains people let you participate in the EAP, where everybody can
his thoughts for missing features, if this feature has no high priority, it
won't be
implemented by Jetbrains. What would you do if there is no OpenAPI, so there
are no PLUGINS, i think this is the greatest incentive Jetbrains could give
thanks in being a part of this.


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