Setting up Karma

Good afternoon,

I am quite unsure  if this is the correct place to ask my question. Excuse me, if it's not.

I am far too dumb to set up a karma test enviroment with Phpstorm.

I've managed to install KArma through node and created a config file, but when i try to start the Karma server, it keeps yelling at me:

WARN [launcher]: Can not load "Script", it is not registered!
  Perhaps you are missing some plugin?

I neither know what that launcher is nor which "Script" is unregistered.

I greatly appreciate any help, i am having a meltdown :_|

Karma config:

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seems that the karma-script-launcher node module is not installed... Normally karma-script-launcher is installed as karma's default  peer dependency (i.e. it should be installed while installing karma), but if you use version of node/npm that doesn't  support peer dependencies then it won't get installed and you also get  this error.

the fix in that case is to either update node/npm or install karma-script-launcher explicitly

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Thank you,

However, i forgot to mention that i've googled up my issue a bit and already installed karma-script-launcher manually. It is included in my project, too.

This is the package.json:


Forget about me and this thread. I've reinstalled node and everything works like a charm. Thank you very much again...

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Do you have it installed locally or globally?


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