Any way to background the on the fly syntax checker?

Hi all,

I was wondering, is there a way to put the IDEA syntax analysis checker in the background?

I OFTEN switch back and fourth between windows, but I get a 30 second delay every time as it walks through analyzing my open files.

What I'm really looking for is, start check on focus, but if i start typing in the editor, just keep starting over on the check (maybe after 500ms of me not typing).

So that way I can focus/change code then just wait for the squiglys to show up.

I'm using ant 1.6 and aurora, so i can't launch my ant builds from inside idea, so i switch to my compilation shell. Also, it's a clustered project, and I can't exactly run it across multiple machines from inside idea.

And I'm the code a few lines, compile, test repeat kind of guy, so this happens hundreds of times a day.

Thank you,

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Are you on OSX? If I understand you correctly (you get a delay every time you switch back into IDEA), that's not syntax checking, it's seeing if any files in your project were modified, which takes a long time for big projects. I think it's planned to be fixed for IDEA 4.1 or something. I think you can disable it in Settings for now.

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Right, try de-selecting the option "Synchronize files on frame activation" in Settings -> IDE -> General. In the environment where my sources were located on the virtual ClearCase drives this was a MUST, otheriwse I was also stuck with long delays every time the focus was switched.


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