How can i enable LiveEdit for, say, Symfony2 twig page layout

In fact everything i need from LiveEdit is, suddenly, instant change of CSS, and reloading if any php/html code changed, like this was before, before PhpStorm 7. But now im totally confused about it, it becomes absolutely impossible to do this things. Actually i dont need to debug my JS code, there is enough more comfortable things to debug JS, so im interesting, how can i bring old behaviour of this plugin. I had already tried installing older version of PhpStorm and LiveEdit plugin, but it has not brought any results because of Chrome extension, older versions of which i cant find.



what problems using Live Edit in PHPStorm 7 have you faced? Have you checked the tutorial at
If you all you need is to get the previous behavior back, please feel free to file a feature request to youtrack (

>I had already tried installing older version of PhpStorm and LiveEdit  plugin, but it has not brought any results because of Chrome extension,  older versions of which i cant find.

'Old' Live Edit still works fine for me in PHPStorm 6.0.3. I don't need to do anything special to make this work (despite having the latest extension installed)


Well, it works fine only in case if you need to debug standalone .html page (file extension doesn't matter), in this case LiveEdit works perfect, i have no questions about it, but lets assume any of the PHP frameworks, there is a one application entry point, in the most cases it is a index.php, in Symfony2 it is app.php by default, so real page layout is stored not in file which is an entry point and this behaviour breaks current LiveEdit implementation. When you trying to JS debug entry point of your app (with further navigating to needed page inside your app in mind) PhpStorm start its own local HTTP server, then PhpStorm opens url kinda like this: http://localhost:65532/project_name/src/real/path/to/the/index.php, in that case absolute URLs (you actually wont have relative urls to the static files in your app if you are using any of the frameworks because of internal app routing) to the static assets like CSS and JS becomes absolutely pointless because now they points to the non-existent files, and as a result we can not LiveEdit them. And this is the big problem of current plugin implementation.


Well, problem solved by configuring debug session and file mappings, sorry for bothering.


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