Delete default File Templates in Settings file, if not related to Meteor.js?

Hi everybody!
First time posting to the JetBrains community forums, so please bear with me if I'm unfamiliar with well-known community resources or practices.

So, I'm one of those Meteor developers, using the latest in full-stack Javascript/Node.js frameworks.

Over the past year, I've been using WebStorm exclusively, and have been loving it.  Unfortunately, there wasn't really any built-in Meteor support.  But, there was enough great functionality that I've been able to piece together a Settings file that sort of morphs WebStorm into a customized Meteor IDE.   

I've got it set up to have MVC color coding, to follow the Meteor programming style guides, to exclude the build directories, it pulls in a bunch of the Meteor libraries for autocomplete, and I've been adding a bunch of Meteor specific Live Templates and File Templates.  It's really fantastic.  And I would like to share this Settings file with the Meteor community.

There's sort of one problem that's keeping me from releasing.  Because of the reactive template model of Meteor, and the way that databindings work, Meteor doesn't exactly support TypeScript, Dart, and Jade.  If a person is really insistent on using them, they can.  But it's a whole lot of trouble.  And so, what I'd really like to do is to remove the TypeScript, Dart, and Jade File Templates in my Meteor Settings file.  

Basically, to be able to share a Settings file, and say 'if you load this up, and use the File Templates and Live Templates in it, you'll write canonical Meteor code, more or less".  

Any recommendations on how to go about this?  I've heard rumor that Meteor support was slated for future versions of WebStorm.  I'd be more than happy to share what I have with the WebStorm development community, in an effort to see that happen.


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Live templates are stored in ~/.WebStormX/config/templates/<group_name>.xml on Windows ('X' is the IDE version number; see for configuration directory location on other OS). So, if you have defined your Meteor live template in 'Meteor' group, your file will be Meteor.xml. You can destribute the set of .xml files instead of your settings.jar... Or, you can remove the live template groups related to Dart, etc. in Settings/Live templates prior to exporting settings to make sure only relevant templates are exported. But don't forget to backup your templates first :)

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One more note: file templates are stored in config/fileTemplates


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