How to disable HTML autocompletion in PhpStorm 7.0?


PhpStorm 7.0 autocompletes quotation marks when typing, which is annoying for me. I also haven't found an obvious location on where to disable that feature. I already have disabled Editor > Smart Keys > Insert Pair Quote, but that did not do the trick. Any clue if that's possible?


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'Insert pair quote' option doesn't affect HTML attributes autocompletion: PhpStorm  actually auto-inserts both opening and closing quote as soon as you type  '=' in attribute definition, so it doesn't insert a closing quote, it  auto-completes both opening and closing one... There is no way to turn  this auto-completion off.
Why do you need to do this? Please check - is it what you are complaining about?

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I don't "need" this, I find that behavior annoying. I usually do not want any automatic completion, because it interferes with the way I work. It would be okay if that auto-completion can be triggered, assuming that everybody wants this is not okay.


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