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Hi Guys,

I got a question about collaboration.
When anyone opens a project I created, he has to set up the remote host again. After anyone else opened the project I have to do it again.
This is really inefficient.

How can I avoid this or is it possible to set up the server so that anyone can use it?

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Hi there,

Yes and No.

No -- deployment entries (remote hosts) are part of the IDE-wide settings and not part of the project (to be precise: connection details are IDE-wide .. and only mappings/exclusions are per project).

Yes -- you can if you are happy to sync the file with ALL remote hosts definitions among ALL participating developers (while IDE is closed, of course). On Windows 7 for PhpStorm v7 that file would typically be located at C:\Users\USERNAME\.WebIde70\config\options\webServers.xml


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