$ Dollar signs in function calls


I just started using the new 4.0 evaluation version of IDEA. I've started doing some work with the Swarm Agent architecture in Java. Unfortunately they use some weird, albeit legal characters in their function calls. In particular there are a lot of function and api calls with the $ (dollar sign) in the method name. (i.e. myObject.do$something) Although this doesn't follow typical java naming conventions it is allowed by the compiler and compiles normally. But IDEA doesn't seem to like this, and marks all of these methods as red (wrong). Particularly annoying is the fact that on top of half my file being marked red I can't use the auto-completion feature when trying to call methods if those methods I'm trying to call have a $ in them. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get around this?


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Are you sure the problem is with the $'s? Do the methods without $'s work fine, in the same classes? I have never seen IDEA having a problem with $'s before, but I think I only tried it in a local variable once.


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