Step OvInToer for easier Javascript debugging

Is there a tool in Webstorm that allows stepping into callbacks? Any javascript code is riddled with so many callbacks, I always find myself putting a breakpoint two lines below where the break is, then keep running to hit it, and repeat 10,000 times a day. Something like 'step over', but instead of stepping over, it would step into the first line of a callback passed to a function.

For instance:

1: array.forEach(function(n) {   // Breakpoint cursor stopped here! Step Into Callback would step to line 2: inside the callback instead of line 4 like the current "step over" would.
2:    if (n == 12) {bla;}             // Sciene-Fiction! I don't have to do this into 3 steps anymore? Will Webstorm ever cease to amaze me? When will it stop!
3:    return false;
4: });

This would be an awesome feature, even if it only worked partially only for closures, where it makes the most sense visually anyway (probably hard/impossible to do perfectly in the general case)!


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