MVC projects using Live Edit with Virtual Hosts configurations


I'm totally newbie to phpStorm. I'm on version 7 to test it out before I buy.

I'm not sure if we can get this to work but, let's say I wish to test the file:


In order to see this page on the browser, I should go to:

We know this happens due to the fact that we have bootstrap and root classes that control all the redirections (as in any other php framework, in this case Yii).

Now, if I have /public_html/views/about/index.php open on PHPStorm IDE, and I click the browser icon to test this page, I get this address on the browser:

I wish to click the browser button, and to be properly redirected to, in this case:

1) Is it possible to get this working?

2) If it is, how/where should we look at, to properly setup the project to work with live edit on a MVC project configured on a MAMP Pro virtual host?

Thanks in advance.

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If you haven't already created java script debug configuration , then do it now with URL  set to your actual URL includiing http[s] . After setting it up just use Run->debug [config-name] or Shift+F9.

I also had same issue.


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