PHamlP support?


So PHPStorm has great PHP support (obviously!), and great Haml support.  But put the two together with PHamlP, and it's not so great.  It would be great if we could embed PHP within the Haml code, as you can do with Ruby embedded in Haml code using RubyMine.

So basically if PHPStorm integrated PHP + Haml in the same way that RubyMine integrates Ruby + Haml, then perfection!

Any way of getting this to work?  I asked this question last year when I was evaluating an older version of PHPStorm, but that solution does not work.

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Hi there,

Please submit a ticket to the Issue Tracker with all details:

  • what is required
  • how it was suggested to make it work using currently available functionality (as a text, not just a generic link)
  • what is the problem with that suggestion (HAML is not in that list)
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Thanks Andriy, I've done that.


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