Right-Click CUA Select Word

In previous versions, if the cursor was placed on a word and then I right-clicked on it, the word would be selected with the context menu appearinig. Now, nothing is selected and if I procede with say a copy, the entire line is copied to the clipboard.

How can I set this back to the way it behaved before?


I don't remember this ever happening. Maybe it did, but if it didn't, maybe it was a plugin you had installed in previous versions that did it?


It use to happen. I still have 3.0.5 installed and tested it to make sure. I have not installed any plugins for Idea, so I don't think that could be it.


I un-mapped the left double mouse click from "Go to Declaration" and set it to "Select word at carat."

I mapped a right-mouse click to "select word at carat" as well but it doesn't appear to work. The context menu appears but the word is not hightlighted.

I can live with it like this, however.


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