debugger - copy nested var declaration vs copy var name

In the debugger it is possible to copy the value of any item as well as the name.
When working with Drupal 7, more often than not you are dealing with n levels of nested arrays and objects.

Screenshot 2013-10-18 16.23.09.png

In the above example it would be a lot more useful if "Copy Name" would not only copy "0" to the clipboard, but instead cover the full nesting:

Is something like this already possible in PHPStorm 6/7 ?

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We already have feature request for it: Please, feel free to vote.

As a workaround you can "Add to Watches" and then "Copy Name" (from Watches frame).

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Has this been delivered?

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@Jeremy Foran

>Has this been delivered?

Fix versions: 8.0.4

Accordingly to the above -- yes, in PhpStorm v8 (which is year 2014 -- 5 years ago)


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