What The Competition Is Up To

CodeGuide 7 contains a revolutionary back-in-time debugger which
offers a host of new ways to examine a running application while
retaining common debugging metaphors.

Imagine using a debugger to step through some code looking for
a bug. Suddenly you find out that the bug must have been caused
by a method invocation you just stepped over. To investigate the
bug you would need to go back in time and step into the method.
Conventional debuggers do not allow that. CodeGuide 7 does.
You can step back, step into the method and investigate what
exactly caused the problem.

Other features of CodeGuide 7 include:

  • Full support for all Java 1.5 language features

  • "Compatibility compilation" to develop and deploy Java 1.5

programs on Java 1.4 VMs

  • JSP debugging (with Tomcat 5)

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