Problems compiling forms in ANT with javac2


I'm using javac2 to try and compile my forms in ANT. Here's the relevant bits of my build.xml:




And here's the error I get:

The ReportGUI.class file is in the location I think it should be. My javac task to compile the project uses the same local.src and local.classes variable.

Does anyone know at what stage in the form builder it looks up the class to bind to, and where it expects to find it?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!!
Steve J

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Apologies to reply to my own post, but there are a couple of issues surrounding this.

1) For this directory, should I be using javac2 to compile instead of javac? In my current scenario, the .java files are already compiled to .class files, only the .form file is left to compile.

2) Can I copy the 5 jars named to a unix machine for our remote builds to work?

Steve J

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Fist you must compile all *.java.

Look at this to ANT task help:

Ant also, you may download Wizard plugin, and try to setup Plugin Project - it will have ANT script, that can compile *.forms. As sample.


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Haven't used that method exactly, but you gave me enough of a clue to solve my problem.

Thanks again
Steve J


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